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Parents are being warned of toy shortages this Christmas as companies are hit hard by crippling supply chain issues - including a lack of HGV drivers and severe congestion at trading ports.   With l… [+6119 chars]
The owner of a holiday retreat has banned guests who are vaccinated against coronavirus . Sharon Girardi, owner of Blaeneinion eco-retreat, a conservation project, near Machynlleth, Mid Wales, said … [+3116 chars]
The boss of one of the UKs biggest chicken producers has warned that Christmas could be cancelled due to a lack of CO2. Ranjit Singh Boparan, the owner of Bernard Matthews and 2 Sisters Food Group … [+2214 chars]
BRITS could be looking at a bleak winter of soaring bills, bare supermarket shelves, and toy shortages. After families had Christmas hopes dashed last year due to Covid, this festive season is looki… [+6311 chars]
Christmas dinners could be cancelled due to the shortage of carbon dioxide gas (CO2), the owner of the UKs biggest poultry supplier has warned. A sharp rise in gas prices has meant two large fertili… [+4307 chars]
A new drug trial to treat a form of breast cancer has been hailed as 'groundbreaking'. Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca said Enhertu demonstrated a 72 per cent reduction in the risk of disease pro… [+2694 chars]
Charlie Harper, who has a condition that suppresses his immune system, says the drug could be 'life-saving' for many people like him, ITV News Correspondent John Ray reports A drug given to Donald T… [+2795 chars]
Travellers could be as likely to catch Covid on a trip to Torquay as one to Turkey an expert has said, as international travel rules were relaxed. The easing of rules on quarantine and testing for i… [+6163 chars]
Restaurants will be banned from keeping the tips intended for staff under new laws targeting unscrupulous practices in the hospitality industry. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is expected to anno… [+3630 chars]
Britain faces shortages of frozen meals and even Christmas turkey due to a sudden shortage of carbon dioxide used by the food and drink industry. Meat supplies to supermarkets and restaurants will b… [+4285 chars]
Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye has previously claimed that the airport would supercharge the Governments Global Britain ambitions by being a cornerstone of the countrys trade post-Brexit. Mr Walsh … [+1413 chars]
These are the winning numbers from tonight's Lotto draw. The jackpot for the draw on September 18, was an estimated £15m. The winning National Lottery Lotto numbers are drawn at 7.45pm while the N… [+421 chars]
Nick Clegg, Facebooks vice-president of global affairs, has slammed the Wall Street Journal for reporting that the social media giant was aware of negative impacts of some of its products. The newsp… [+1895 chars]
Jet2 has announced its reaction to the latest UK travel update, which has seen the traffic light system of green, amber and red lists scrapped in favour of a "simplified" approach. The airline and … [+3682 chars]
And once inflation gets into the supply chain in this way, cost-of-living rises become almost inevitable. Consider, then, that even in July, when CPI inflation dipped, the ONS fine-print revealed inp… [+1446 chars]
Fire crews and police attended the fast food restaurant in Battlefield Road after it closed early at 9pm on Friday night. The incident occurred at the same time armed officers - and a police helicop… [+1046 chars]
The UK has recorded 30,144 new Covid cases on Saturday, with 164 more deaths according to new data. The statistics show that the case numbers are continuing to flat line despite the return to schoo… [+1960 chars]
It's Saturday night which means it's time to kick back and relax. But you could have even more reason to let your hair down as it's time for another National Lottery draw, with a huge prize up for … [+893 chars]
Wetherspoon fans are being warned not to fall for a scam being promoted on Facebook - appearing to offer users vouchers for free meals. Wetherspoon famously closed down all its social media activity… [+1900 chars]
Hospitalisations have remained at March levels for an 11th straight day according to the latest data (Picture: Metro Graphics) Covid deaths and hospitalisations are back to March levels across the b… [+2705 chars]
Christmas toy shortage fears as retailers say time it takes to ship stock from Far East has DOUBLED - Daily Mail
Daily Mail - Sep 19, 2021
Parents are being warned of toy shortages this Christmas as companies are hit hard by crippling supply chain issues - including a lack of HGV drivers and severe congestion at trading ports.   With l…
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