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Police were called after an easyJet passenger refused to turn his phone off as the plane came into land. The man on the flight from Manchester to Cornwall Airport Newquay became rude and abusive to… [+1286 chars]
One of the most worrying aspects of Knoxs report is that he uses 2019 data prior to lockdown. Since then, treatment delays have soared, with a record 6.4m people one in nine of the population now on … [+2214 chars]
Amazon has started installing cameras with artificial intelligence that monitor delivery drivers, sparking concerns from privacy campaigners. The technology is being imported from the US and is mean… [+2118 chars]
A FACEBOOK whistleblower is worried kids will waste away in Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse with little interest in the real world. Frances Haugen shocked the world last year when she bravely came forwa… [+3176 chars]
A COUPLE who paid Wickes £10,000 for a new bathroom and kitchen say workers have turned their home into a DEATH TRAP. Giovanni Wallace, 50, said he's been fighting the workmen for three years to get… [+4709 chars]
Some of the Citys most senior energy traders were among dozens of investors who cashed £35 million from collapsed supplier Bulb before it was bailed out by taxpayers at a cost of billions of pounds. … [+552 chars]
THERE is a massive trend at the moment for bringing back car names that evoke good memories. I give you Manta, Puma, Bronco, Supra and even the Renault 5. The Renault Scenic is being revived as a c… [+3211 chars]
A new type of inhaler for asthma sufferers could radically reduce their risk of developing life-threatening breathing difficulties. A trial found that the new inhaler, which combines two medications… [+2385 chars]
It is not only the railways that are set to be massively disrupted by strikes in the coming months. Universities, airports and hospitals could be hit by walkouts so severe they threaten to grind the… [+3931 chars]
Passengers travelling with Jet2 via Manchester Airport have been sent text messages warning them of delays. Once again, holidaymakers have been met with queuing chaos at the airport with lines stre… [+1917 chars]
Julian Howard of the investment manager GAM warned that the fate of the stock market relied primarily on global central banks. Everything that is happening in the stock market at the moment is ultim… [+1805 chars]
Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie, In December I moved into an 1,800 sq ft property, which was previous… [+2417 chars]
Senior Tories are sounding the alarm over the outrageous interest rates to be applied to student loans later this year, after warnings that some graduates will soon be hit with rates of up to 12%. I… [+4793 chars]
There are different variants of the scam, some using online banking devices, whilst others use sim card readers or card payment technology, said Katherine Hart of the Chartered Trading Standards Inst… [+1415 chars]
A former McDonald's employee has spilled the inside secrets of the popular fast food chain. Emily Johnson, a HullLive reporter, has answered some of the burning questions about the famous chain aft… [+3125 chars]
Its that time of year where people are either jetting off or getting ready to hop on a plane at East Midlands Airport (EMA) and forget about their troubles - even for just a brief moment. But even th… [+5156 chars]
MANY shoppers are anxiously checking the cost of every item as they visit the supermarkets each week. The price of everyday groceries has spiralled in recent months as the cost of living crisis grip… [+2674 chars]
Scammers have been successfully stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from online banking customers by sending them fake card readers which takes the account holder's details.  Online banking has… [+2585 chars]
At the ETH Shanghai Web 3.0 Developer Summit on Thursday, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin confirmed that the merge will likely occur this summer, despite being pushed ahead several times in the p… [+3962 chars]
The FTSE has held up reasonably well, down by a trivial 1pc so far this year. But we should not kid ourselves that we are going to escape the sell-off. Our economy looks in as bad shape as any, and a… [+2518 chars]
Lianna Bartle, 35, is in a bitter dispute with property owner Matthew Tolley (Picture: Lianna Bartle/MEN Media) A mum who complained to an Airbnb owner about mess and pet rats in her accommodation w… [+5613 chars]
Police called after easyJet passenger refused to turn his phone off and became rude - The Mirror
Mirror Online - May 22, 2022
Police were called after an easyJet passenger refused to turn his phone off as the plane came into land. The man on the flight from Manchester to Cornwall Airport Newquay became rude and abusive to…
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