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The UKs most famous ice cream man is back in Cornwall as part of his annual tours around the country. Tee Smith, better known as Mr Tee, King of Desserts, has been driving his iconic ice cream van ar… [+1846 chars]
Contingency plans have been put in place in a bid to prevent food and petrol shortages after the RMT warned that potentially the biggest rail strike in modern history could hit the network next month… [+2810 chars]
TerraForm Labs spent four years building its ecosystem and connecting it to other blockchains before things began to unravel earlier this month.  When the TerraUSD algorithmic stablecoin (UST) lost … [+5625 chars]
Many shops have been offering people in certain jobs a discount - which is a real help when money is tight amid the cost of living crisis. Asda has just announced that it will reinstate its previou… [+4306 chars]
Asda Shoppers have had their say on whether a new police hub has improved ongoing problems with aggressive beggars outside the store. The community hub opened on November 16 last year in a bid to tac… [+3806 chars]
If you were to buy nothing but margarine, tomatoes, beef mince and milk every week, then as well as being in need of a dietician, your inflation rate would be an eye-watering 21 per cent. If, howeve… [+544 chars]
Its coming to a select group of users in the US first If you buy something from a Verge link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Cry… [+2333 chars]
Separately, Nadhim Zahawi, the Education Secretary, is planning to loosen the grip of trade unions on schools. Mr Zahawi is examining plans to bolster the rights of teachers who choose not to join u… [+2434 chars]
British scientists are aiming to grow real steaks in a laboratory within 12 months in a breakthrough global first. The products would be indistinguishable from a high-end cut bought from a butcher a… [+3481 chars]
Passengers on an easyJet flight were delayed from landing for an hour because a man refused to turn off his phone. Police were called following the incident which is rumoured to have involved a membe… [+1317 chars]
In response to the de-pegging of UST, trillions of LUNA coins were minted due to the nature of the Terra LUNA algorithm used to maintain the UST dollar peg. LUNA is used in the Terra blockchain’s gov… [+6678 chars]
As shoppers continue to be hit by the cost of living crisis, customers are changing their habits at the supermarket. Whether it's seeking out those offers, or hunting for the yellow stickers, people … [+5513 chars]
A senior figure in Donald Trump's Cabinet is plotting a £700m deal that would see one of Britain's biggest digital-only banks being listed on the US stock market. Sky News has learnt that a special … [+4255 chars]
Rail strikes could bring a 'Summer of Discontent' with empty shelves, economic damage and dry fuel pumps all set to be strained, industry figures have claimed. Union bosses are planning to unleash h… [+3787 chars]
A HSBC banker in charge of responsible investing has come under fire for suggesting "apocalyptic warnings" about climate change are "unsubstantiated". Stuart Kirk, of HSBC Asset Management, made the… [+1711 chars]
Britains biggest technology company Arm is cutting one in 10 jobs at its UK headquarters as its Japanese owners prepare to float the $60bn (£48bn) semiconductor giant in America. Staff at Arms Cambr… [+3340 chars]
Most details about Polestars next model are still under wraps, but we do know that it will be an SUV and that the styling will be influenced by the futuristic Precept concept car. Although the Precep… [+388 chars]
Punters inspired to invest in crypto assets on the back of celebrity endorsements must be prepared to 'lose the entire amount', a market watchdog has warned, adding that there's no chance for compens… [+4682 chars]
The president has called for at least six new ones to be built. Yet, at the same time as calling for massive new investment, the government is also forcing EDF to sell some of its power at below-mark… [+1435 chars]
You voted, we listened. With National Fish and Chip Day fast approaching, we asked our readers to nominate their favourite chippie in Suffolk.  We have compiled the results and shortened the list do… [+254 chars]
Mr Tee King of Desserts is coming to Cornwall today - Cornwall Live
Cornwall Live - May 22, 2022
The UKs most famous ice cream man is back in Cornwall as part of his annual tours around the country. Tee Smith, better known as Mr Tee, King of Desserts, has been driving his iconic ice cream van ar…
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