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A Boeing 737 aircraft worth up to £90 million was written off after a heavy landing at Exeter Airport. The plane l was left leaning on one side with its fuselage bent, reports Devon Live. A new gove… [+4489 chars]
FRANKFURT European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde is making no bones about her feelings toward the value of crypto assets namely, there isn't any. "I have said all along the crypto assets … [+1769 chars]
A mum who rented a Staffordshire Moorlands Airbnb has hit out at her host - after he called her 'fatso'. Lianna Bartle complained about the 'luxury' house in Endon, where she had booked a room to tak… [+7345 chars]
See that skinny house in the middle? That could be all yours for £1.3million (Picture: Dexters) This house might be on the narrow side of things, but it packs in a lot more than youd think. So whi… [+3242 chars]
McDonald's is such a favourite with so many people around the world, but there still seems to be so much that we don't know about it. Every day is a learning opportunity though and we keep discover… [+3024 chars]
Some Asda shoppers will be able to claim a jobs-based discount to offset the growing cost of living crisis. Food and soft drinks, George clothing as well as homeware, toys, gifts and optical are al… [+2725 chars]
Samuel Rickitt is among the many green energy entrepreneurs trying to meet the Governments call for a boom in green electricity generation.  But as he sets out trying to set up a new 49.9MW solar pa… [+2656 chars]
Many groceries are racing ahead of the current rate of 9% inflation, but others are falling in price according to some consumer groups  providing opportunities for nifty deal finders. Comparison web… [+11711 chars]
To its evangelists, bitcoin is a frictionless, empowering form of money that liberates citizens of the world from the shackles of banks and national governments. To sceptics, the cryptocurrency is a … [+3587 chars]
Beer lovers in the UK could go thirsty this summer after union workers at a brewery that produces some of the country's most popular alcoholic drinks voted to go on strike.  It has been revealed tha… [+3239 chars]
House prices are at risk as spending power is set to take a big hit, the boss of Nationwide Building Society has warned.  Joe Garner said higher prices and interest rates, together with steep rises … [+2066 chars]
Donald Trump has lashed out at Elon Musk, calling the billionaire's $44 billion Twitter takeover 'probably illegal' in a post on his own competing social media network, Truth Social. In his post on … [+4593 chars]
Supermarkets that have made a show of banning vodka and other Russian products continue to sell the countrys fuel. Tankers from Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons have been filmed filling up at a… [+1542 chars]
Those suddenly left scrambling to fill the gap have turned to equity release. In the first three months of this year, 42pc of equity release customers used the money to repay a mortgage, according to… [+1916 chars]
Which? said budget own-brand items were out of stock three times as often than in 2020, with own-brand cheese being the worst affected. However, some supermarkets had locked in the prices of certain … [+1286 chars]
Popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum have seen prices fall in recent weeks, but stablecoins are also having their moment in their spotlight - and for all the wrong reasons. TerraUSD, a… [+5204 chars]
UK bread shortage warning: Supermarket crisis now 'almost inevitable' – bakers sound alarm - Express
Express - May 21, 2022
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