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Ethereum challenger Avalanche has raised a $230 million investment led by Singapore-based hedge fund Three Arrows Capital and Olaf Carlson-Wees Polychain Capital (Carlson-Wee was the first employee a… [+4916 chars]
US and European banks and asset managers have urged Brussels to extend the permit granting EU banks access to UK clearing houses to prevent a “major” market disruption when the licence expires next y… [+2857 chars]
image source, Getty Images The UK government should cut rising energy bills by getting rid of levies that subsidise renewable energy, the boss of E.On UK has said. Speaking to the Financial Times, … [+5043 chars]
The European Central Bank expects to hit its elusive 2 per cent inflation target by 2025, according to unpublished internal models that suggest it is on course to raise interest rates in just over tw… [+4453 chars]
Escalator falls have soared in Tube stations because passengers are too afraid to hold handrails over fears they could catch Covid.  A London Underground chief has warned falls caused by people not … [+1649 chars]
The amount of diesel pollution on some new trains is 13 times higher than on one of central Londons busiest roads, researchers found. Passengers travelling on board a Great Western Railway carriage … [+3704 chars]
More jobs could be announced at Rolls-Royce's Derby factory after the UK Government announced a new deal to produce nuclear submarines. The Daily Mail reports how a new alliance between the UK, the… [+2846 chars]
Marks & Spencer is to close 11 stores in France in the wake of post-Brexit disruption as bosses continue to slim down the retail chain. The company has decided to end its presence in Paris, clos… [+1896 chars]
Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs has launched an actively managed equity fund that will bet on emerging technology companies, following a trail blazed by the blockbuster success of Cathie Wood’s Ark In… [+3377 chars]
THE UK's biggest supermarkets have announced changes that will affect how customers shop. New green initiatives and changes to popular loyalty schemes are among the differences that shoppers might s… [+2162 chars]
Supermarket giant Sainsbury's has announced a drastic change that will affect all shoppers. The retailer has said it's making a drastic change to the way people shop in supermarkets. Sainsbury's is… [+3071 chars]
Philip Morris International (PMI), the company which produces Marlboro cigarettes, has confirmed that its bid for inhaler maker Vectura has become unconditional after a majority of the target company… [+3885 chars]
The amount of tax lost in Britain through non-payment, avoidance and fraud has increased to £35bn, according to official figures. HM Revenue and Customs said the tax gap the difference between the e… [+3187 chars]
For employers struggling to find staff, Britains worst labour shortage in decades is seen as putting the economic recovery from lockdown at risk. For workers, it comes as a moment of opportunity. Fo… [+5339 chars]
A FAST-FOOD customer was left horrified after she bit into a hamburger and chewed on the grim remains of a rotting human FINGER. The unfortunate diner, named Estefany Benitez, made the discovery at … [+2205 chars]
Lorry drivers are being stopped at truck stops by HGV recruiters offering them £2,000 golden handshakes and day rates equivalent to £100,000 a year. The recruiters are believed to be working for ag… [+2875 chars]
Sky Broadband is down in Scotland leaving thousands unable to connect to the internet. Customers have reported issues across Edinburgh, Glasgow and the central belt with many unable to use the web.… [+1350 chars]
The Department for the Economy has outlined the reasons it opted not to include under-18s in the High Street Voucher Scheme. Earlier this week, Economy Minister Gordon Lyons announced that the publi… [+2852 chars]
To put things into perspective, the Air Dream Edition has over 100 miles (162 km) of additional range over its closest rival, the Tesla Model S. Not only that, but since the entire upcoming Lucid Air… [+1913 chars]
Olaf Carlson-Wee’s Polychain Capital Co-Leads $230 Million Investment In Ethereum Challenger Capitalizing On DeFi - Forbes
Forbes - Sep 16, 2021
Ethereum challenger Avalanche has raised a $230 million investment led by Singapore-based hedge fund Three Arrows Capital and Olaf Carlson-Wees Polychain Capital (Carlson-Wee was the first employee a…
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