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Lets first be clear about what Stuart Kirk, the HSBC executive who has sparked a Twitter witch hunt and is being hung out to dry by his employer for giving a controversial presentation last week, did… [+3010 chars]
Matt Moulding and the board of THG did the easy bit last week: they rejected a highly preliminary takeover proposal from a consortium led by one of the online retailers own non-executive directors. I… [+4416 chars]
Workers in a division of video game company Activision Blizzard have voted to unionize, creating the first labor union at a major US gaming firm. A small group of Wisconsin-based quality assurance t… [+1857 chars]
EasyJet passengers flying from Manchester today say their flight was cancelled last-minute. One passenger says she was only told of the change while they were sitting in the plane. The woman who has… [+1541 chars]
Continuing our series with money-saving guru JASMINE BIRTLES, today she explains why one of her guiding principles in life is to make the most of everything that is free. The money you save can then… [+14108 chars]
The UK government will consider slashing fuel duty and VAT by 40% for two years in a debate to be held today (23 May). A petition calling for the reduction closed on 18 April with 102,133 signatures… [+2217 chars]
When blueprints for Birmingham's Gravelly Hill Interchange emerged in 1965, they were described by a local journalist as looking like 'a cross between a plate of spaghetti and an unsuccessful attempt… [+9758 chars]
Concerns over range anxiety is rapidly becoming a thing of the past and fewer electric car owners are running out of battery while on journeys, the AA says. The proportion of EVs rescued by the brea… [+4656 chars]
Michael Dell, one of the worlds richest technology entrepreneurs, is in line for up to $20bn (£12bn) if Broadcom, a semiconductor company, pushes ahead with a $50bn takeover of VMware. Broadcom is i… [+1908 chars]
Just a short drive away from Derby is a beautiful, newly built village in the heart of the stunning Derbyshire Dales. Built from local materials, Matlock Spa sits in an abandoned quarry which is only… [+4492 chars]
Likeable though the old Ranger Raptor was, a £50k asking price for a diesel Ford pick-up was always a stumbling block. Fact is there were plenty of faster trucks out there for less money, and speed m… [+1522 chars]
The United Airlines passenger filmed brawling with an employee at Newark Airport in a viral video is a 27-year-old football player from Georgia who has now been charged with assault. … [+2041 chars]
Starbucks is following a mass exodus of American corporations pulling their businesses out of Russia in retaliation for the Kremlin's bloody invasion of Ukraine. The Seattle-based coffee company, wh… [+10443 chars]
With ongoing consolidation occurring within the gaming industry, rumours of a potential Ubisoft sale continue to persist. Although the most recent reports suggest that the company is looking to block… [+1190 chars]
A number of East of England Co-op stores are currently unable to take cash.  This is due to an incident being managed by UK Power Networks close to their Ipswich head office.  Affected shops withou… [+861 chars]
  • FTSE 100 ends 123 points higher
  • Wall Street rebounds after recent slump
  • Commodity stocks lead in London
The FTSE 100 index closed higher on Monday, tracking morning g… [+14646 chars]
More than a third of working adults in Great Britain spent at least part of their time working from home this spring, an official survey of working patterns shows, with the proportion of people hybri… [+3696 chars]
Beer drinkers could soon find it difficult to buy their favourite bottled beverage because of a shortage of glassware triggered by soaring energy costs, a food and drink wholesaler has warned. Suppl… [+2390 chars]
Banking giant HSBC has reportedly suspended a senior banker after he dismissed climate change warnings as "unsubstantiated" and accused bankers of overstating global warming risks. Stuart Kirk, a re… [+2410 chars]
SHOCKING footage shows the moment a United Airlines worker appeared to hit a passenger before being battered to the ground at the check-in desk. A man and an employee seemed to be squaring off at th… [+1916 chars]
A Ryanair steward is being prosecuted after he was sacked for allegedly downing booze on a flight. Sam Thompson, 26, is accused of drinking a mini bottle of wine and a shot of Jack Daniels whisky fr… [+2310 chars]
HSBC banker who criticised climate 'nut jobs' was right about a lot of things - The Telegraph - May 24, 2022
Lets first be clear about what Stuart Kirk, the HSBC executive who has sparked a Twitter witch hunt and is being hung out to dry by his employer for giving a controversial presentation last week, did…
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